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Link-PartnerBirds n Ways - Bird Show listings with search function

Link-Partner Birdcare Co - large variety of articles on avian health and nutrition. Information on the Bird care Co. products available on this site.

Link-PartnerHarmony Animal Hospital's World of Pets - Laugh, learn, share, and explore at this award-winning site. Pet care library for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, pet loss support resources, postcards, classified ads, fun, games, contests and cool stuff all from this AAHA-accredited animal hospital. Book, chat, classifieds, avian vets, links, FREE bird only postcards and

Link-PartnerBirdvet Online - Have Questions about Nutrition or your birds health? Visit Birdvet Online for quick personal responses to your questions.

Link-Partner Pretty Parrots - Online Avian Community- Avian Link Directory

Other important links
Safe plants for birds - Information on SAFE PLANTS FOR BIRDS

Up at Six Avian Mail lists - Up At Six Avian Search

Find a local Avian Vet - Although incomplete, this site list a variety of
certified avian vets. For a more complete listing call 561-393-8901

Finch, canary and softbill pages

Link-PartnerChris Iles' Bird Site -The UK first breeding of Green Aracari. Lots of pics of a UK aviary and the busiest UK page for birds.

Link-PartnerFinch Niche - Birds, Hobbies, Recreation, Information, Shopping, Articles, Finches

Link-Partner Feathered Flyer - Feathered Flyer is an Internet Bird Club for all UK Birdkeepers of finches, softbills, parrots, parakeets, canaries, budgies and doves.

Link-Partner My Canaries At this site you will find information on feeding, housing and breeding Fife Fancy Canaries, Red Factor Lipochrome, and Gloster Canaries for the novice breeder and keeper!

Other important links

African Green Singers - pictures, wave files and more

A Place for Canaries- fun stories and information on Canaries. Canary cam

Billy's softbill page - a variety of photos and articles on finches and softbills - Gouldian breeder and a National Listing
of finch breeders!

Davis Lund Aviaries - great info on softbills and mouse birds

Efinch - GREAT information on care breeding of a variety of finches. Includes a
number of unique photos.

Euro Society Finches - great pics of society mutaions

Exotic Finches - breeder of Gouldians and Society mutations

FinchLovers Mailing list - the best finch list on the net

Rainforest Aviaries - good articles on a variety of Finches including Peking Robins,
Silver eared- musias and more.

Sally Huntington's Flight of Finches - birds, and bird art of Sally Huntington

Seffera's Bird Page

Softbills - information, aviary tours, and a mail list

Steve's Parrot Finch Forum

Unique Beak Aviaries - Australian, African and Indo-Pacific Finches and Waxbills

Hookbill pages

Link-PartnerFeather Song Aviary -Located near Portland, OR, specializes in hand-raised Pacific (normal, blue, yellow, and fallow), Mexican, green-rumped and spectacled parrotlets.

Link-PartnerJudy and Jerry's Place -Living with parrots. Do's and Don'ts for bird owners. Photos, information, and articles.
- large variety of baby parrots available

Link-PartnerThe Parrot Pages-
A Home for Avian Information. We have searched the web so you don't have to with over 2400 Links.
- An informative site about parrots. With pictures, links to many sites including Owl rescue & Re-homing. A fun site to visit.

Color on the Wing

- San Francisco Bay Area breeder of Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Pionus, Mustache and African Ringnecks. Also a distributor of Hagen, ZuPreem, Instant Ounces and more.

Link-PartnerWA Birds- Breeder of handfeed budgies, tiels and pf lovebirds.

Link-PartnerFlying Gem Aviaries
- Breeders of Lovebirds, Indian Ringnecks, and Blue Crown Conures

Link-PartnerJudy Leach's Parrots - Parrot breeder and trainer of parrots since 1983, now specializing in macaws and african greys. An informative and educational site about parrots. - Breeder of Eclectus and Cockatoo's Very informative Articles

Other important links

1 2 Tweet - breeder of African Greys, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Macaws and Amazons

DLynn's Luvs - page devoted to Lovebirds and their care

East London Budgerigar Society budgie society in South Africa

Irena's Aviary - Cockatoos, Macaws, African Grays, Amazon Parrots,Conures, and more.

Old World Aviaries - specialize in old-world psittacines, native to Africa and Australasia

Avian Suppliers on-line

Link-PartnerBeaver Creek Aviaries - provides a variety of feeds, seeds and toys

Link-PartnerBird Barn - bird toys, leashes, bird art , teeshirts and more!

Link-PartnerAviMate -AviMate Bird Breeder Software - Take control of your bird breeding records plus contact management, invoice generation, and expense tracking. This is the program we use.

Link-PartnerJ and J farms - Distributors of name brand Avian Products for Pet Birds and
there owners as well as a variety of breeder supplies.

Link-PartnerBird-Zerk- A clear acrylic recycling birdfeeder for finches to macaws. No more sweeping food off the floor and throwing dollars into the trash

Link-Partner Freedom Cage- For the best custom US made stainless steel lifetime cage and feeder system combination available, order a Freedom Cage(R.)

Link-Partner JungleShop: Pet Supplies
Discount pet supply store - offering birdbaths, bird feeders, birdhouses, self cleaning litter boxes for dogs and cats, privacy tents, baths, books, magazines, supplies

Link-PartnerWill-Tell Avian - Will-Tell Avian DNA Sexing Services. We do one thing and we do it Well

Link-PartnerFeather Fantasy - Bird Cages and more for your bird companion!

Link-PartnerParrot Supercenter - We are your online source specializing in Parrot related Products. We offer Baby Parrots for sale. Free shipping on all Bird Cages including Kings Cages and Avian Adventures Cages. Choose from a large selection of Parrot Gyms, Perches (Sandy Perches), Bird Toys, & Accessories.

Link-Partner Eagle Creek Exotics - Breeders of exotic birds & manufacturers of ABS plastic nest boxes.

Link-PartnerParrot Cages UK and Bird

- Parrot Cages UK for Bird Cages, Parrot Cages, Playstands and our new Parrot Java Tree Stands, Parrot Advice and information and breeders section

Other important links

AgSelect - high quality automatic watering systems.

Antique Beak - a variety of avian theme antiques. - Lightweight show cage carriers.

Avian Biotech Inl. - DNA sexing, fingerprinting, and disease testing

Birds411 - listing of avian suppliers

Bird Tracker for Windows-An Avian Management program that tracks the breeding of all birds in an aviary and performs genetic predictions for offspring

Birds in Glass houses - furniture quality indoor glass aviaries.

BiZee Bird Toys - a variety of hand made bird toys.

Budgie World - eucalyptus based products for your budgie?s health.

Horizon Shipping Boxes - shipping boxes approved by USPS

Nature Pavillion - provides nature, wildlife, science, and animal gifts for
all ages.

Pippinsroost Exotics- large selection of aviary plants and nest boxes. Also carries a FANTASTIC BROODER that comes apart to be cleaned in the dishwasher!

Territorial Seed Co - Natural insecticides

Academic Avian Sites

Other important links

Assoc of Avian Veterinarians

Association of Field Ornithologists

BBird- Montana University Avian site

Avian Interest Group - Scientific Advisory Group of the American Zoo
and Aquarium Association

Cites Regulations

The Finch -Project Crimson seedcracker and Bird names and translations

Fish and Wildlife service

Hagen Avicultural research Institiute

IBIS - The International Journal of Avian Science

Muzuem of Zooology - Bird Division - great info on bird biology

Wilson Ornithological Society - order back issues of the Wilson journal

World Zoo - listing of what species zoos have and are breeding.

Avian Societies and Clubs

Link-Partner Mid-America Cage Bird Society - The MACBS is always looking for more members eager to Join. Once you're a member of the MACBS you'll receive the Newsletter which is published monthly, and is also available from this site. Our thanks for the USE of graphics from MACBS and the best wishes

Other important links

AFA home page - American Federation of Aviculture

Budgie Fanciers of San Diago County

Feathered Friends forever - largest rescue/ refuge in the eastern Unites States

Finches with Wishes - finch information and adoption program

Gods Little Birds - stocks birds in assisted living, rehab, and long-term
care facilities - GREAT site on efforts to preserve macaws in the wild.

Natl. Bengalese Fanciers Assoc. - articles and pictures on the Bengalese

NFSS home page - National Finch and Softbill society.

Queensland Finch society - monthly species profiles and australian aviary tours

Waxbill-parrot finch Society Home page

Zebra Finch Society - quarterly publication and info on the Zebra finch

Avian E-zins

Link-Partner Birdtalk Magazine - dedicated to the interests of all Bird lovers and enthusiasts.

Link-Partner Parrot Parrot - Dedicated to the smaller parrots such as lovebirds and budgies, with information on all types of birds, including toxin and dangerous toy alerts, recipes, and breeding tips

Other important links.

Austalian Birdkeeper


Finch and Canary World- dedicated to the interests of all finch, canary and softbill enthusiasts.

Flock Talk - e-zine for pet owners and breeders who *care*. Dedicated
to providing information and education about small companion bird care
and nurturing."

Winged Wisdom - A pet bird ezine, pet bird e-zine for exotic birds & pet parrots.
Articles on the care & breeding of pet birds, pet parrots & exotic birds.

Useful Non-avian Links

Link-Partner Crawlz Search engine - User friendly search engine. Pay per click advertising is the best solution for targeted website traffic.

Other important links

Buyers Index - search engine for buyers lists many commercial sites

Currancy converter - convert foreign currency rates

Maps to anywhere - create step by step maps to and from anywhere in US

USDA nutrition - nutritional data on a variety of food stuffs. Great for
evaluating your birds diet!

UPS quick cost Calculator - calculate shipping costs

USPS Package tracking - track your USPS express packages

Weather forcasts-helpful when shipping birds or planning a trip