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Specific Dietary Needs

Greenwinged Macaws These big birds need a high fat, moderate protein diet. A diet such as what they are weaned onto supplemented with mixed nuts should address the need for higher fat content. How many nuts to feed per day will depend on the individual birds' activity level and whether they tend to gain extra weight.

Blue and Gold Macaws The Blue and Golds also need a high fat, moderate protein diet but not as much fat as the Greenwingeds. Mixed nuts are a very welcome treat but should not be given in abundance (2-3 almonds and 1 walnut daily should be adequate).

Cockatoos These birds need a low fat, high protein diet. Nuts should be given as a special treat only. Eating adequate portions of vegetable and pellets also help keep a cockatoo trim and in good health. Rosies should be kept on a low fat diet, and given only parakeet seed along with pellets, fresh vegetables and fruit. Generally, cockatoos given lots of fruits and vegetables plus high grade pellets and seed mixes will keep nice and trim.

Hyacinth Macaws Hyacinths need a specialized diet high in fat and low in protein. They require saturated fat in their daily diet. This can be given in the form of raw, unshelled macadamia and Brazil nuts as well as coconut. They do well on approximately 6-8 macadamia nuts and 2-3 Brazil nuts daily. They should also be given fresh fruits and vegetables daily and a high grade seed mix with pellets.


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