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Feeding the New Baby

baby_jendaya2All our babies at WFW Avian, are weaned onto a daily diet of Zupreme pellets and daily fresh fruits and vegetables. Cooked mixed vegetables are combined together and served morning and evening. In addition, Macaws are given unshelled mixed nuts daily (almonds, walnuts, filberts, primarily). Greenwinged Macaws should also be given Brazil nuts, which are difficult for the Blue and Gold Macaws to open.

Your baby will easily adapt to variations of this diet. Our experience has taught us that this diet typically keeps our parrots healthy with beautiful, glowing, colorful feathers, bright eyes and stable temperaments.

Vitamin A and calcium are particularly important for birds. These can be found in natural foods. Bok choy, broccoli and dandelion greens provide calcium. Carrots, red peppers, cantaloupe, apricots, and sweet potatos are good sources of Vitamin A. Favorite fruits are apples, grapes, papaya, bananas, oranges and apricots. (Pits are toxic and should NOT be included.)

If your bird continues to receive this variety and quality of food, supplements are not necessary.

Parrots can eat just about anything and will if given half a chance. There are a few foods that they must never have, however.

Foods That They Should Not Eat

  • avocado, particularly the seed pit
  • chocolate
  • carbonated drinks
  • drinks with caffeine
  • alcohol

Parrots lack a certain enzyme required to digest chocolate and it can be fatally toxic for them as a result. Carbonated drinks are dangers because parrots have no mechanism for ridding themselves of the gas from the carbonation upon ingestion. Caffeine and alcohol are both dangerous to a parrot's health, as they are not well digested.

Your baby should have food and fresh water available at all times. A parrot continues growing and filling out long after weaning has occurred and needs a good nutritious diet to help it develop.

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