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Wolfer's Feathered World

WFW Avian Wolfer's Feathered World has a indoor plus outdoor breeding facility. Located in the North West just outside Graham Washington. We take great pride in providing well socialized, healthy, happy baby Macaws, Cockatoos, African Parrots, Black Headed Caiques and Conures for our customers.

Our reputation is founded on fairness, honesty, respect for our customers and a deep abiding love for our feathered family members. Please take time to look over the contents of our pages. We sincerely hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. Feel free to let us know if our site is helpful.

We believe that just as obedience training makes dogs better companions, it is critical to teach parrots basic manners and commands. All our babies know "Step up," "down", "no" and "gentle". They also know not to grab at clothes, ears, jewelry or glasses, however for some the tempation can be to great and a slip may occur . Embarassed Since our hand-raised babies will be lifetime companions, we feel it is necessary to familiarize them to common household noises, activities. An added bonus is that they will be familiar with Kids, dogs and other birds enabling them to adjust with less stress to those households with other pets.